Project Outline

Phase 1~: Jan – Jul 2021. Desk research

  • Identify how diversity across population groups that can influence drug absorption and disposition from published literature and unpublished sources
  • Identify areas in the subject where data is lacking
  • Identify if there is evidence to suggest these differences are important, for example, how these differences may affect dosing and dose optimisation.
  • Analyse the impact of these differences and extrapolate what the implications may arise from findings
  • Prepare a report for review by a panel of experts

Phase 2: Jul – Dec 2021 Design of teaching materials

  • Propose how results obtained can be fed into the pharmacology curriculum
  • Write article for dissemination of findings
  • Based on the results, develop teaching resources that can be readily adopted by others for teaching purposes. These resources would include slides, questions and teacher notes with links to the research evidence.

Phase 3: Jan – Jul 2022 Evaluation

Trial learning materials with students in various courses including undergraduate and graduate entry medicine, pharmacy, medical physiology and therapeutics and pharmacology BSc courses.

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